Soldier's Lot

Soldiers' lot is located in Section 11 of Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc. as the cemetery is known today.  Originally, soldiers were interred in multiple areas of the cemetery, before the burials were consolidated into Soldiers' Lot.  As of Dec. 1885, 174 Civil War soldiers were buried in Soldier's Lot.  Around 1888 roughly 160 remains in Oakdale Cemetery, now Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc. were removed and placed in the Rock Island and Keokuk National Cemeteries.  In 1900, the remaining interments were consolidated into the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) plot within Oakdale Cemetery, now Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc., the location of all subsequent government burials.  In 1940 the GAR conveyed all interests in the plot to the Oakdale Cemetery Association, now Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc. and the United States acquired the lot in 1941.  Today, interments within the Soldiers Lot include 71 Civil War dead, seven of whom were killed during the Battle of Fort Donelson, TN and were the first Iowan casualties of the Civil War.

The following distinguished soldiers are buried elsewhere in Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc.:

The next two men, though not soldiers, greatly contributed to the War effort on the homefront:

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